Poynter Media Ethics Conference: Social Justice? Safe-spaces on College Campuses Panel Discussion

Benjamin Moten Master of Art Thesis: Conversations About Black Masculinity

Society frames masculinity in a way that limits how men interact within their daily lives. How we walk, how we talk, how we dress, the pitch of our voices - what we can control, we try to. Why is that? For Black men, the conversation is a bit more complex. How we're supposed to act, how we should or shouldn't dress, what society expects us to be -from birth, we are constantly being given various definitions of how we should behave as black men. 'Conversations About Black Masculinity' serves as a dialogue on this topic. I had the opportunity to discuss how society frames masculinity with eight men. Through in-person and Skype interviews, we discuss their opinions and experiences on how hyper-masculinity limits black men.  -Benjamin Moten